Rubber Blocks

Rubber Blocks


We owe our success to our team and clients equally. Our team has enabled us to become of the most preferred suppliers, exportersand manufacturers of rubber moulded components, automotive rubber fittings, metal bonding rubber parts and compression molded rubber parts from Maharashtra, India. Our products are demanded in various industries across many countries.

What are Rubber Blocks?

These blocks are used as an interface between two parts, reducing the energy and vibration between the two parts. These blocks allow a certain amount of movement and separate the faces of two objects. These parts can be ferrous or non-ferrous washers, metal bolts, nuts etc. Their objective is to reduce noise, vibration and help in the longevity of machine life. These blocks are manufactured in ultra-low hardness and can be made in combination of high compression strength, stable low installation height and low shear stiffness to deliver versatile performance.

They find utility in many industries like printing machinery. These blocks are specifically designed to cater customers' requirements like vibration frequency, weight of machine, and other external factors which the block needs to control.

Features of Rubber Blocks

  • Superior finish based anti-vibration mounting
  • Easy installation
  • Available in different diameters and heights depending on requirement of load deflection

Our products are packed in extra care and precautions in wooden pallets/cartons or corrugated boxes/HDPE polybags to ensure the delivery remains safe and unharmed. These boxes are generally available in sizes of 25 kg, 50 kg and 100 kg.Depending on our customer's needs; we also customise the boxes ensuring the customer is happy and satisfied with our products and service.

Feel free to get in touch with us regarding your queries or if you wish to buy rubber blocks, we'll be grateful to assist you.