U Mountings

U Mountings


TRINITY AUTO ENGINEERING Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Industrial Rubber Mountings in India. We are most celebrated company in manufacturing & supplying the large range of U Mountings for our dearest clients across the country.

Buy best quality U Mountings at reasonable price from TRINITY AUTO ENGINEERING. We provide wide range of Rubber Mountings that is available in various dimensions and specifications. Our U Mountings are designed to be used over a variety of appliances and are ready for customization.

A vehicle is installed with many kinds of rubber mounts. From the fuel pump, the radiator, the gearbox to the engine, these mounts can be spotted everywhere in the vehicle. Carefully engineered using special grade of rubber and effective technology, these rubber mounts in cars are high performance shock absorbing components known for reducing transmitted noise and vibration in automobiles as well as moving parts of various engines and machineries. Each mount having a specific role to play is an important part to keep the machine running smoothly and for longer periods of time. U mountings are one of those mounts which help in maintaining a good health and also increasing the longevity of your machine.

What are U Mountings?

U mountings are also known as U mounts, U shear mounts, double U shear mounts, rubber U mounts and rubber U mountings, capable of having very high shear strength. The specific design of these mounts enables them to provide vibration and shock resistance in lateral and vertical direction. These U mounts have high utility in automobile and other equipment/instruments as well, like electronics apparatuses, suspending light components, electrically controlled panels, high speed motors for hydraulic power packs and buffers amongst others. These mounts find utility in equipment requiring some level of shock resistance and noise reduction.

Features of U Mountings

  • Resistant to grease, lubricants, chemicals and oils
  • Resistant to extremities of various operating conditions
  • Resistant to surface abrasion wear
  • Resistance to temperature variations
  • Resistance to sunlight and UV rays
  • Higher radial elasticity than axial elasticity
  • Easily available in various configurations
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Requires no special parts or maintenance
  • Isolates vibration
  • Absorbs shock
  • Reduces noise

Factors to consider before buying U Mountings

Before procuring any part for your machine, you should take care of certain pointers. Before buying U mounts, please look for the following features:
  • Material used for manufacturing
  • Size of the mounting depending on the application
  • Shock absorbing capacity
  • Load bearing capacity
  • Deflection characteristic of the mounting
  • Thread size and quality of nuts and bolts used in the fabrication job
Our products are packed in extra care and precautions in wooden pallets/cartons or corrugated boxes/HDPE polybags to ensure the delivery remains safe and unharmed. These boxes are generally available in sizes of 25 kg, 50 kg and 100 kg.Depending on our customer's needs; we also customise the boxes ensuring the customer is happy and satisfied with our products and service.

Feel free to get in touch with us regarding your queries or if you wish to buy U mountings, we'll be grateful to assist you.